Implementing Hidden Field Equations (HFE) in Java

This project is an Java implementation of a public key cryptography system called "Hidden Field Equations" (HFE).

It was part of my visiting year at University College Cork (Ireland) and was accepted for the Irish Signals and Systems Conference 2002.

You can access

Parts of the source code can certainly be used in other projects. E.g. the finite field operations for GF(2^n), and also matrix operations (including LU decomposistion).

However, the software comes with no warranty as it is free of charge.

There is also a special version called QuartzLight which implements a research version of the public key signature system Quartz.

In addition, my Master's Thesis (Diplomarbeit) deals with HFE.

Christopher Wolf, 2002-10-05 eMail: hfe (at)